Hooe Barn


Hooe Barn has had a chequered history and is the only remaining building of the former Hooe Barton Farm which was demolished in the 1960s. The barn, one of only four remaining 16th century threshing barns in the country, was in a poor state of repair.

Hooe Barn in progress


In 2002 the DHBT worked with the local community to prepare a condition report and a feasibility study to look at a future community use. To date the barn remains unchanged and unused due to issues with Plymouth City Council and the owners of the premises.

The Role of DHBT – Act in an advisory capacity

The DHBT may help organisations come together to form a body or trust to purchase or lease and thus rescue an historic building. Additionally the DHBT is able to assist with the rescue of a building by way of sourcing viability studies, the preparation of conservation plans and funding streams.