The DHBT has five ways in which it can work to rescue the buildings of Devon. The DHBT specialises in premises that are landmarks; are Listed; are important historic buildings or war memorials.

1.Buy and Sell

The DHBT is a revolving buildings trust that may buy, renovate and sell for a profit. All profits are then used for subsequent projects.

2. Buy, Lease and Retain

The DHBT is able to lease a property, renovate it and retain it for the future. Any profits from business use or rent are used to maintain the property.


3. Buy and Preserve

The DHBT may buy and preserve a building until a sustainable long term solution is found. The DHBT may sell the property to secure a new future within the local community.

4. Act as a catalyst or broker

The DHBT may pull together a team to save a premises by taking out an option to purchase, to find a long term sustainable user and then restore or upgrade the building using available historic buildings grants.

5. Act in Advisory Capacity

The DHBT may help organisations come together to form a body or trust to purchase or lease and thus rescue an historic building. Additionally the DHBT is able to assist with the rescue of a building by way of sourcing viability studies, the preparation of conservation plans and funding streams.

If you know of a historic building in need, let us know . . . .